Norith Soth

Director, Producer, Writer

I was cursed with the ability to make films only I could have made...
it just takes a lot of care and patience to convert how I see the world
into a purely cathartic experience.


Born in Cambodia, raised in Paris, France and later Orange County, California, Norith Soth is always seeking ways to create "unique, cathartic cinema." Soth will tell you, "people go to the movies to die and get reborn, that's why rollercoasters are so popular. Every single movie that is remembered provided a cathartic experience."

At 19, Soth attempted to create his first "cathartic film" with Beyond the Screen Door, a black and white 16mm adaptation of The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. It premiered at the Newport Beach International Film Festival in 1996 and 15 years later was invited to the Athens International Film Festival where the film was hailed a "masterpiece."

Next, Soth tried his hand at a French erotic thriller entitled Casse-Cou about two men who abduct a woman but have second thoughts once they bring her home. This film has not been seen, since Soth is still completing it decades after he shot it. "It's just not ready for the public yet," Soth claims, "if the film was a person, it would legally be allowed to leave home, but since it's a film, I can work on it for another 18 years."

In 2010, Soth directed his fourth film, the religious thriller Nicodemus about a Christian boy who tries to convert his high school bully.

"Nicodemus will see the light of day,
even though audiences may not be ready for this movie."

Based on the philosophy that the origins of life come from outside our planet, this is a film Soth likes to describe as a mini-Kubrick. Soth's fascination with Christ's true identity and the truth behind Christianity itself fuel this dark comedy horror tale that is certain to unleash controversy.

Soth has also nurtured the careers of other directors as a writer and producer. He contributed to Gregory Hatanaka's film "Until the Night" in 2002 and co-wrote "Mad Cowgirl" in 2004. He also produced short films, such as "Writer's State of Mind" for the director Mark Oguschewitz.

Teaming up with his spouse, Michelle Medvedoff, Soth runs a tongue-in-cheek short media shop Short Script Gods, sharing the wealth of accumulated experience. His "Cut The Eyeball: The Ultimate Short Book On Writing Short Screenplays" is available on Amazon.

Soth's latest work is with Dario Argento, on the Master of Horror's new TV show.